About Stabling

ECE stables close to 30 horses and caters to creating infrastructure to provide professional care; maintenance and training for privately owned horses.

Rest assured, your horse will be safe and healthy with us. ECE provides a complete livery service – including shelter, grooming as well as feeding and staffing.For an affordable monthly fee, we offer your horses first-class treatment at our well-equipped livery center.

Facilities Offered Under Stabling

1.Security Deposit (refundable)
(one time per stable)
Rs.60,000 (2 months charges)
2.Livery chargesRs.30,000 (per month)
3.Annual MaintenanceRs.5,000 (Annual)
4.Instructor riding fee: (optional)Rs.15,000 per month

* Taxes as applicable

Stabling Includes

The Stable Details Are
1.Feed4 kg oats and 1 kg corn
2.Grass2 Haynets a day
3.Lucerne6 kgs
4.Shoeingas required
5.Syce on sharing basis
6.Beddingone bundle a day
7.Misc.Salt, Electral, Multanimethi etc

Equipment, Vet, Services/Medicines and supplementsto be extra.

** If stabling bills are due after 45 days, a penalty fee of Rs.20% on the outstanding amount will be charged.

There is a maximum waiting period of 60 days.

There will be 3 reminders issued after which horses will be released only on clearing of all dues.

Failing clearance of all dues after a period of 90 days the club has the right to keep the horse and recover its dues.




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