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Like so many other sports, riding is something children can learn easily and well, but success requires practice, dedication and physical fitness. The rewards are proportional to the effort invested. On these rides children can become acquainted with horses, build their confidence in riding and achieve an affinity for their equine partners. One of the great joys of riding is the harmonious interaction with an equine partner on a physical and spiritual level. Children in their teens can often ride as well as many adults so that they can take our more demanding rides.

Led by our team of trainers who have competed and taught on the international circuit, Our Summer program offers quality instruction to young riders who would like to train on different horses, preparing for a show or just improving their riding.

Equestrian camps offer a wonderful opportunity for all levels of riders from beginners through advanced to define and achieve their personal riding goals during an exciting, fun-filled week.

Campers spend most of their time at the Equestrian Center with the horses. When not in classes or riding, campers enjoy fun recreational activities, they have ample opportunity to get to know one another and develop lasting friendships.




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